Fighting Climate Change!

Global warming is not a hoax or a lie. The reality is global warming is real and it should be urgently address by the U.S and the world. The global temperature are rising according to NASA, the earths average surface temperature has risen 2.0 degrees. So what contribute to this rise of temperature, the change is driven largely by increase carbon dioxide and human made emissions into the atmosphere.
The past year (2016) was the warmest on record in the past 35 years.

The outcomes of rapid climate change: 
-Global temperature rise
-Warming oceans
-Shrinking Ice Sheets
-Glacial retreat
-Decreased Snow Cover
-Sea level rise
-Extreme Events

All of the listed outcomes of rapid climate change are already happening and are causing devastating results.

                                                      What can I do to help?
Get Involved!
-Contact your political representative
-Vote for candidates that support effective climate polices.

Energy Efficient
-Switch off light, when not in use.
-Change lightbulbs to LED
-Unplug electronic machine, when not in use.
-Look for Energy Star (products).

Choose renewable power
-Ask your utility to switch clean, renewable power.

-Buy organic and locally grown food.
-18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions come from MEAT and DAIRY production.

Trim your waste

In the end, we have so much power to help fight climate change. This fight is not over! Bring awarness to climate change and educate others about how help!