Did God Create us? Are We Human?

FIRST WATCH THIS VIDEO: “Justin Wren: How Water Liberated Enslaved Pygmies” 

American bubble; isolation tank. The clean water crisis! Done in my home, done in my town, done in the United States, done from my perspective. Checked off my list before my first diaper. I have never cheered for water; never wept at the thought of it being clean. It has never been a gift; because I have never been without. My first active experience with water may have been at 2 years old. Taught to flush the toilet to a plumbing system which led to future flushes to simply watch water spin. Running through a sprinkler for hours drinking lemonade. Throwing balloons bursting of potable water exploding by the dozens super soaker in tow. Water parks, surfing, kayaking, tubing, boating. In the United States water is fun. Its an activity, a thoughtless routine, an afterthought, and as interminable as oxygen. I'm drinking clean water as I write this.

The term thirst almost doesn't exist to the modern American. Thirsty for an American is an acute flippant condition that consistently receives cure within minutes if not seconds through the often free medicine of cleansed RX H2O. The thought of dirty water does not exist in our daily environment. A scale of what is considered dirty water is on completely opposite ends of the spectrum. In America water will get replaced because it's “a little cloudy.” In other countries it is dark brown and drank solely due to the human survival instinct, and the will to live.

Imagine how you feel when the water goes out for a few hours, for a day. Is it to difficult to even imagine longer than a day? Have you EVER even gone without clean water for just ONE day? Now try and empathize how it would feel being required to drink guaranteed disease in order to stay alive. Realistically this is not a conundrum; you drink the water. You try to stay alive. To some dirty water is just as much the way of life as having ten toes. The sun is warm, the moon is bright, and water is dirty. It's just the way things are, ya know, normal. Places where dehydration is not unique, but unanimous. Generations and generations of watching preventable death of family members by waterborne diseases. Simultaneously participating. Lining up to drink that same dirty water that they know may lead to their own demise. But change is occurring, help is working, empowerment is in effect and lives are being saved. But more action is inevitably needed. More smiles are sought.

How can you help? How can I help? How can we help? Gaining the perspective is foremost. Witnessing how one person, any person can make a difference illuminates empathy. Start by joining, engaging, hosting, and inviting. Create your own awareness within your own community. Write your own blog, start a conversation, reply with a message, share this story, share THE story. Return to the Water4 website and donate https://www.water4.org/get-involved/ while reading about their “Six Ways To Change The World” campaign. Help by doing it, help by helping the people who are doing it. It is happening now in the world, people are helping and freeing children from waterborne disease. JOIN THE FIGHT!

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“We are on our own land with our own water. It is good, it is so good.”