Access to Water - A Right or a Privilege

Is water a privilege or a right?

Planet Earth is mostly water; two thirds of its surface is water to be exact. three percent of the water we have, is fresh water. Deb Swackhamer describes how human health is directly correlated to our access to water. One in six people on the planet do not have access to clean drinking water. So I’ll ask again, is water a right, or a privilege?

In many countries water is seen as a type of god or god-like creation. We should love and respect what planet earth has given us - but to what extent have we? Centuries ago, the Egyptians built their capitals close to rivers because they knew it would bring crops and sustain life. They knew that water was an essential part of our planet and they praised the water gods for it. In what way do we respect the water we are given? Do we respect it as much as they do? Do we value what it brings to the table on a daily basis? 

Another question I should ask is: how are we treating the water we do have access to? We dump, pollute and don’t respect what we have access to. This Tedx talk explains how we need to respect, value and understand our water resource.