What's The Cost?

          There has been a stigma around the expenses for supplying fresh water in places of need like central- African countries. Early humanitarian efforts included transporting water to this area, but we have since upgraded our ability to contribute. The creation of deep water welling systems has given the people of countries like Mozambique and Malawi access to fresh water that exists deep underground. These wells are able to bring the water to the surface and disperse it in the form of a hand-pump. The cost of such an installation is $8,000, which many Americans say is too expensive to implement country-wide. However, if one looks at a breakdown of the true cost and the results from it, it's clear that this method is highly sustainable. 

The hand pump well costs $8,000 to implement, but this pump can provide clean water for 2,000 individuals. That's only four American dollars per comfortably-hydrated Malawian citizen. Furthermore, these pumps have a life span of 20 years! $4.00 is a cup of coffee to us, yet it could contribute to giving someone security for a better part of their early life. Dozens of websites have been set up to spread the cost of these wells. If you'd like to learn more about providing water to those in need, check out the link below!