Things We Can Do From Home To Fight Water Pollution

And they say one person can't make a difference... 

While we often times focus on the larger pollution issues - especially water - that take place outside of the U.S., it is important to remember that while these worldly issues are indeed frightening, they are also taking place a lot closer then they appear... perhaps even in one's own backyard. 

When we look at the medias portrayal of water pollution, we are often presented a picture of a child living in a third-world country, playing in the mud; perhaps we even catch an image of a group of woman, washing their cloths and preparing their meals in filthy, contaminated water. However, what we oftentimes don't get to see is the lake in our neighborhood, or the river down the hill, both contaminated with things that we flush down the toilet, dispose down the sink, and wash outside. 

Here are some helpful tips that we as individuals can do on a daily basis that will help combat the issue of water pollution in our own neck of the woods: 

1. Avoid dispensing fats/oils/greases down the sink; rather, place a "fat" tub in the kitchen, and discard in the trash when full. 

2. Do not discard any medication of any type down a sink or toilet.  

3. Only run your dishwasher/washing machine when you have a full load; avoid frequent washes. 

4. Avoid using your garbage disposal - keeps your solid wastes solid. 

5. Use the minimal amount of both detergents and bleaches, and try to use phosphate free soaps, as well as detergents. 

"Just because it disappears, doesn't mean that it completely goes away..."   

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