The Benefits of a Yearly Water Innovation Summit

Every year for the last 4 years, the European Innovation Partnership on water holds a water innovation summit in the European Union, where hundreds of policy makers, government leaders, engineers, scientists, tech companies, industry leaders, financiers, city planners, and journalists come together to present and discuss new innovations in water quality improvement. Groups present on the most cutting edge findings and innovations within the realm of water quality improvement and also discuss how to break down barriers to innovation.

The presentations and discussions from these summits are posted online for all to benefit from. When so many great minds in a single field come together to network and coordinate with each other in such a public way, everyone benefits and gets a chance to implement these innovations into their own water quality endeavors.

This year's water innovation summit will be held during the week of September 25, 2017 in the city of Porto, Portugal. Videos from last years water innovation summit can be found online at