Puralytics - Creating a Better Tomorrow

Located in Hillsboro, OR, Puralytics is a water purification equipment company, having developed a photochemical water purification process (patented) which harnesses light either through the sun or LED's to activate an advanced nanotechnology coated mesh.

Currently, Puralytics offers two products that are as unique and they are impactful: The SolarBag, and the Shield.

The SolarBag, best defined by the Puralytics media kit, is "a sunlight-activated reusable water purifier that destroys or reduces the broadest range of contaminants without pumping, electricity, chemicals or replaceable components. Simply place the SolarBag in the sun for a few hours, and enjoy safe water. Through solar-activated nanotechnology, the SolarBag offers the broadest contaminant treatment of any portable water purifier."

Click HERE to see the Puralytics SolarBag in action!

The Shield 1500 (recently launched earlier this summer) achieves advanced disinfection and detoxification with improved aesthetics. Pathogens (bacteria, virus, protozoa) are sterilized and many types of unwanted organic compounds are broken down.

Click HERE to see the Shield (1000) in action!

With over a decade's worth of both experience and credentials, as well as over 13 top prized awards (including recognition from Inc Magazine, ImagineH2O, Global Cleantech, Zino Green Fund, etc), Puralytics has continued to show why they not only set the bar as it pertains to sustainability, but also doing so with application's that are both easy to use, and cost effective.

Constantly inventing as well as innovating, Puralytics reminds us that new and unique efforts are constantly working towards an overall goal that not only protects our water, but efforts that protect our planet as well.

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