Iodine Water Treatment

Most people in the United States are used to having access to clean drinking water, but there are countries where clean water is not a guarantee.  There is an easy way for anyone to gain access to clean drinking water that campers and survival nuts have been using for years!  Iodine has been used to purify water when there is no other option.  Let's look at how and why it is used.

First of all, a person can only survive approximately 3 days without ingesting any water.  If you are in a pinch, you may consider drinking water out of a river.  Many rivers appear clean and safe, although they are not!  There are pathogens in natural water that our bodies are not used to that can literally kill us.  Many of these pathogens are microscopic and cannot be seen by the naked eye. 

Iodine kills bacteria in water.  It does this by disrupting the water's ionic balance. Iodine for water can be bought in tablets, crystals, or tinctures of iodine.  There is a correct amount of iodine to use, and using too much can be toxic.  A small amount of iodine can actually treat a very large amount of water.  The crystals were actually outlawed in the US due to meth production, but should be accessible to people in other countries.  The iodine needs to sit in the water for approximately 30 minutes to kill the bacteria. 

There are some downsides, as with everything.  Long term iodine use is not recommended, as it can cause adverse health issues.  Small amounts of iodine on the other hand are required by your body for its normal function.  Iodine can only kill living pathogens, and things like poisons or fertilizers will not be affected.  Filtration is still recommended even with iodine usage, as they will work best together. 

Due to the fact that a lack of water in 3 days can kill you, using iodine can be a safe and effective way to drink the normally unsafe water around you.  It's inexpensive, easy to use, and easy to transport.  Iodine can help people who might not have any other option!