Indonesia Rivers: Living with Pollution

Rivers in Indonesia, especially in West Java aren’t the most hygienic place to be living around or to use. Even though that is the case, those are the places where over 5 million people have to live in due to poverty. More than 28 million Indonesian, out of about 300 million, still live below the poverty line.

“People use the river for a toilet and children play in it because they have nowhere else to swim.”
– Ibu Sutria, 53 (2012).

One of the most basic hygiene problems that haunt developing communities is the lack of adequate toilets. 94 million Indonesians do not have sanitary toilets. All a mother wants is the best for the children, sadly in these communities, this is the best they can do.

That is, for now.

There are many ways to create a more hygienic place for those who are unfortunate to have them in the first place, and one of them can be done with you. You can help by donating to, an organization that helps prevent water pollution around the world.