Great Pacific Garbage Patch

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In the middle of the North Pacific Ocean there there is a great big garbage patch among all of the Ocean life. The debris is mostly made up of plastic  debris and the United States of America shares in the responsibility of this mess.I consider this littering and many people are responsible for the effects the trash islands are having on the Ocean inhabitants and the contaminants from the marine debris. 

Some alarming facts about the Garbage patch: 

  • Size 7.7 million square miles 
  • 70% of the debris is actually under water 
  • 80% of the marine debris come from Land based Activities on North America and Asia 
  • 705,000 fishing net debris!
  • Most of the debris is plastic water bottles , caps, bags and Styrofoam cups
What this does to the local ecosystem & People 
  • Killing & endangering the health of every sea animal in or near the effected area 
  • Contamination of seafood we consume 
  • Toxins release in to Ocean from plastics 

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