First Nations - The American Water Shortage

During this era of technology, great wealth and knowledge it is unjust that indigenous people living on this earth are still without basic survival needs.  Americans are also going without fresh running water, and now is the time to take stock in our local humanitarian and conservation techniques.  
Here is a short list of some groups suffering this daily tragedy:

Navajo Nation around Thoreau New Mexico
Sioux Lakota Nation around Oglala North Dakota
Arapaho Tribe in Wyoming

These are humans and first nations people of this land and have been deprived and even more pointedly suppressed from having adequate rights to water and lands.  The American privateer has used their water source for profit and yet they continue go without. Infrastructure, climate change, and industry are all part of the long-standing equation of overuse that has continued to divert, sell and bottle this natural resource.  So many  still do not have running water or a sanitary sewage system. Additionally in some areas, pollution from mining has caused water sources to be health risks, where in others lack of aquifer recharge has left wells dry for years and others desolate.

Mine waste from the Gold King Mine spill. Source: Jerry McBride—Durango Herald

Darlene Arviso "The Water Lady" delivers 4000 gallons of clean water to as many families as she can. 
Photo courtesy Navajo Water Project

Before you buy your next bottle of water from a convenient store consider giving to an organization that is helping get water to those who go without. 

Here are a few accounts of the conditions they are meant to survive.