Clean water isn't good for everything!

Maybe you have heard of using a neti-pot.  Its a pot that you put water and sodium into and you use it to flush out your nose.  It can be used when you are sick, when you are having issues with allergies, or maybe just to give you a clean feeling nose!  But have you heard not to use tap water in your neti-pot? 

Tap water can contain bacteria and protozoa.  These are safe to drink due to the fact that stomach acid will kill and destroy them!  But what if you were to put these tiny things up your nose?  There have been a few instances of people dying from a rare brain infection due to using tap water in their neti-pot.  Tap water should not be used in a neti-pot. 

How can you prevent this from happening?  You can use either distilled water or boil water for 3-5 minutes and you can assure yourself that it will be safe!  Neti pots are a great way for some people to find relief from allergies or just to clear out their nose!