Clean Water Education for Brazil's Future

Natural Resource education is always a tough issue to tackle.  One city in Brazil was able to find a creative way to communicate.

"The Olhos da Agua ("eyes of water") is another one of Curitiba's social programs on wheels. The bus aims to teach residents about the fragility of the city's ecosystem and the importance of a healthy environment. Many of Curitiba's poor have settled on the banks of the city, which rest on the basin of several rivers. As a result, Curitiba is continuously challenged with maintaining clean water. The Olhos da Agua bus brings student groups to riverbanks to conduct water analysis, which is turned over to scientists who use it to measure Curitiba's water quality. The bus is also equipped with a video room, a presentation area and a three-dimensional map of the Curitiba water basin."

Using the example that Curitiba has established across other developing countries is an empathetic and genuine way to appeal to people of all socio-economic sectors.  Let us recall now more than ever we are all human and each deserves to be treated with dignity and equality.  Water is a right for every human not a commodity to be doled out to those who can afford its benefits. 

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