Clean Water and the Need for Sanitation

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There are many people in our World today  that do not have access to clean water because proper sanitation infrastructure  does not exist where they live and work. Some of the Countries include rural Pakistan, places in Africa, India and many other communities around the World. Plumbing, showers and septic tanks are some of the things that they do not have access to. It is hard to imagine that these basic necessities can not be accessed by everyone when the majority of people in developed countries use them everyday. Diseases that we have not seen for decades are common like Polio and Cholera which are waterborne diseases that  thrive in the population when waste is able to mix with clean drinking water. Populations effected have to worry about their loved ones contracting these disease daily. They can lead to severe dehydration, diarrhea and of course death.

According to the World Health Organization we can improve access to clean water and sanitation by:
  • Enabling the environment 
  • Understanding financial data
  • Having sustainable development goals 
Image result for clean water and sanitation To achieve good sanitation around the World we can work together to:
  • Construct septic tanks 
  • install Pumps & Pipes 
  • Educate individuals and communities on good hygiene practices