An Inconvenient Sequel - Out Now!

 An Inconvenient Sequel serves as an 11-year follow up to Al Gore's 2006 hit An Inconvenient Truth, furthering the narrative of Al Gore and his mission to stand toe-to-toe with climate change.

Only released last weekend, the documentary explores many issues involving climate change, including raising water levels due to global warming.

While much focus on this blog has been in relation to water pollution throughout the world, it is important to note the severity of rising water levels, and the long-lasting - possibly even permanent - effects it can have on a village, a city, or a country.

Any rise in sea levels has the potential to contaminate groundwater supplies due to landward, effecting agricultural soil, and even impacting different environmental habitats (i.e. fish, birds, plants). For countries that are dependent on agriculture (common sense would have to assume this applies to everyone), a rise in sea levels would stunt farming, which could than lead to a substantial loss in both food resources, and drinkable water.

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A powerful scene in An Inconvenient Sequel involves Gore referring to his audience about the animated scene depicted in his 2006 predecessor film, which depicted the World Trade Center memorial site being flooded due to rising sea levels; however, in 2012... it did just that. Click here to watch the clip.    

The film is an important reminder that while pollution is a major determinant in the sustainability of our water resources, it is not the only one...