FLOW - 10 Years Later

The year was 2008; a year where we would learn of our first African-American President, a year where we would witness yet another exciting Summer Olympics - including the emergence of swimmer extraordinaire Michael Phelps, and also a year where the historical Yankee Stadium would soon be demolished. However, buried within the year was a special hidden gem- a documentary titled FLOW: For the Love of Water, directed by Irena Salina.

(image by IMBD.com)

FLOW discusses the world water crisis, presenting hard-hitting facts early on to demonstrate the severity of water-borne disease, stating how nearly two-million people die from it each year. The documentary also spends quite a bit of time explaining privatization of water infrastructure.
Most importantly, the film asks the important question, "CAN ANYONE REALLY OWN WATER?"

Through several interviews with different scientists and activists, we learn that this crisis is building rapidly, on both a global AND human scale.

The film does too touch on the people and institutions that are continuing to search for/create solutions to decrease the water crisis. As well, we also learn of new technologies being developed to spearhead a global turnaround as it pertains to this important issue.    

FLOW eventually launched a Right to Water campaign to add a 31st article to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The film comes highly recommended, as it still has managed to create AND continue conversations that we had nearly 10 years ago.

Currently, the full feature can be found on YouTube. link:  Click here