Behind the Curtain: Matt Damon and

In today's day and age, the influence pop culture can have on real world issues is quite impressive. Most recently, I think of the 2010 updated version of musician Quincy Jones' We are the World, and how the joint efforts of multiple celebrities were able to financially generate support for those effected by the earthquakes in Haiti. There are many other examples that I can think of that connects the entertainment industry and support of an environmental cause.

However, there is something/someone that I would like to specifically examine, and that is actor/writer/producer Jason Bourne Matt Damon.

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"You cannot solve poverty without solving water and sanitation," said the actor, co-founder of the growing organization called

If you look at interviews as early as 2001, Damon reflects on family vacations he took when he was a child to both Mexico and Guatemala. There, he gained both interest and concern for issues relating to water pollution, as well as its overall availability. In 2009, he and co-founder Gary White joined forces to create, an organization set on both creating and financing solutions to end water pollution in more then 14 different countries.

Because of Damon's resources, both social and environmental, he has helped spread the word regarding the dangers of water pollution/shortage, and what we can do to help make a difference... if only a small one.

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