Food Containers

Portland is a city of food trucks. Almost any cuisine you can imagine is at your disposal.  For 6 to 10 bucks you can have hot, delicious food made fresh to order that you can eat while sitting in the park blocks.  It’s a good deal.
We hear a lot about the problem with straws.  Unnecessary drink tubes, albeit colorful and fun, that are discarded and become just another piece of plastic in a bigger pile of plastic.  Water bottles are also an issue.  Yet another kind of plastic drink tube that holds your water and is immediately discarded.  It’s a minor inconvenience to carry a personal drink bottle but once you get used to it, it just becomes a part of your ensemble.

While many food cart trucks have moved to reusable and compostable containers the truth of the matter is most of these get put into the trash.  While this might be okay with the compostable containers - though it should be recognized that there is the problem with collective decomposition - the reusable containers are plastic,they will break down to small pieces and they are a problem.

The alternative is personal, reusable food containers.  Many are BPA free - if you are concerned about that sort of thing - and collapsable so storage is easy.  Most also come with a fork/spoon combo as well.  It’s a small thing but enough small things can make a big thing.  Collectively, we are a big thing.  Always remember that.