Consider this: Reusable Produce Bags!

It is widely understood that plastic is hurting the environment in many ways and by now, we may have considered many changes that can be made in our daily lives in order to reduce the plastic we have become accustomed to using. If you are like me, you may have started a collection of reusable bags that you take to the grocery store with you, started using re-usable water bottles, coffee mugs, and straws. I even completely stopped my use of the convenient Keurig coffee maker! I have been confident in my decisions and changes and felt pretty great about the effort I've put into living more "green". That great feeling came crashing down the other day while I was roaming through my local grocery store shopping for vegetables. As I grabbed my fifth or sixth plastic produce bag to hold the wet broccoli I grabbed from the shelf, I realized how much plastic I had been using without thinking twice about it. I looked down into my basket and saw way too many produce bags holding not that much produce. I had been so wasteful! I have noticed that some health food stores will give their customers a choice between paper or plastic produce bag but after some research, I found there is a better option! From now on, we can save paper and plastic by bringing reusable produce bags with us on our trips to the grocery store.

There many different brands to choose from when shopping for reusable produce bags but the ones I have picked up are "Earthwise" brand. They are a mesh material, relatively cheap, and machine washable. Here are a few more brands: