Water for Good

Water for Good provides clean water for the Central African Republic. In the 10 years of operation, the organization have drilled 590 wells. According to the Water for Good, each well would service an average of 500 people. Once a well is drilled, the organization have maintenance teams visiting each of the wells on a regular basis to ensure access water is uninterrupted.

 The organization implements water projects through a procedure involving 5 steps. The first step is forming a well committee. This committee is chosen by the community and is responsible for overseeing the well usage in the village. The second step is drilling the well. Water for Good drilling teams will work with the village to locate a well location and begin the drilling process. The third step is community training. The community will work with the Water for Good teams to provide a variety of educational classes within the community. These includes classes on AIDS/HIV education, community health, sanitation, and nutrition. The fourth step is maintenance. Water for Good maintenance team will pay regular visits to each well in the system to ensure it the pumps are operating smoothly. The team will also be collecting payments for the program. The last step involves community development. In this step, Water for Good teams will plan future projects to further the development of the community.