Stop Plastic Water Bottle Production? Yes!

Ooho: portable drinking water...without the plastic bottle!

Skipping Rock Slab, an award-winning London-based laboratory has responsible for creating the seaweed-derived packaging for Ooho portable water. BTW: Not only can Ooho house water, but can contain soda and other drinks as well. This is innovation of the highest degree, and it holds enormous promise: if drink containers become edible and quickly biodegradable, the face of both recycling and plastic waste will most certainly and dramatically change. For anyone who consumes drinks or food that has been sitting in a plastic container and is concerned about the health implications, this cutting edge technology--an edible, sea plant-based container that breaks down in the environment as quickly as a piece of fruit, and can be just as easily digested. It is tasteless, odorless, and costs less to produce than plastic.

Skipping Rock Slab’s goal is to keep 1 billion plastic bottles from reaching our oceans annually. Their product isn’t yet being marketed, but is still in its demo stage at events and conferences.