Solar Panels in Rainy Weather

Use of solar panels in rainy areas can be seen as a bad idea as people think it would not work as well. While this may be true that the weather can affect its sunlight absorption; however, what is not as widely known is that rain can be good for your solar panels. The rain that hits the solar panel helps keep dirt and debris off the lenses as it rinses them off. What is also important is the type of solar panel set up that you have. For instance, what is not known is have the correct power optimizer for maximum power point tracking. This can be set up to where each individual solar panel can absorb and produce its own output instead of having it all configured into one. This can be more efficient as sunlight might not be on all of the solar panels. Solar panel also does not need direct sunlight in order to absorb power. Indirect sunlight can also be used and is still worth the investment.