Rain Collection

Rainwater harvesting is a common practice in areas that receive a lot of rain. The water collected can be used to save money on water bills with its multiple applications. It can used to flush your toilet for example which is used for roughly 35% of most households’ water usage. Most the rain water is collected through gutter systems in which rain is funneled into a barrel of some type. Rain barrels can also be installed underground so that it’s more hidden. Though untreated rain water cannot be used for drinking and cooking, it can be used for watering the garden and washing machines as well. Of source being able to use the rain water for pluming use would be more expensive than using it for watering the garden as you would have to set up the pipes that run to your bathrooms. Good thing about rain water collection is that it is relatively low maintenance to upkeep once installed. With saving money on the water bill it also comes to reduce the pressure on the city’s main water supply. If the we give enough space to the main source then we don’t have to build more sites to receive and store water for the cities usage relatively.