Plastic Water Bottle

Plastic Water Bottle affects the Environment, plastic bottles were created with a petroleum production are known as polyethylene terephthalate and the usage of the requirement of amount of fossil fuels is the creation of transportation for them. In the late 1900's the United States of America held the title of the worlds largest exporter for oil, but as time goes on we are the largest importer.  A plastic bottle is filled up with liquid so it is nearly 25% of 100 full of oil to create the bottle. It is more difficult to recycle plastic bottle than people give the idea. The alarming amount of massage numbers of last bottle is nearly consumed through the entire world, and nearly almost all of them are not recycled due to the fact of the plastic bottles that are being recycled.

The blame of the reason of the plastic bottle is the United States Of America, is the largest consumer market for bottled plastic water in the entire world, second place is Mexico, third place Brazil and fourth place is China.