How Much Water Does An Average Person Use At Home Per Day?

According to data on water consumption in the world provided by the United Nation, there is 10% of freshwater dedicated for domestic use. On average, an American resident uses about 80-100 gallons of water per day, compare to a European resident who uses about 50 gallons of water per day, follow by a shocking 2 to 5 gallons of water per day for a resident of sub-Saharan Africa. United States is the country with the most water consumption in the world.

Below is an estimate of water used by an average American.

  • Bath - runs on the average of 36 gallons per full tub. 
  • Shower - old shower uses 5 gallons of water per minute use. With water-saving shower head, the number is approximately 2 gallons per minute. The average shower time in the US is 8.2 minutes. 
  • Teeth brushing - less than 1 gallon with newer faucets use 1 gallon per minute, compare to 2 gallons on older one. 
  • Hands/Face washing - 1 gallon 
  • Face/leg shaving - 1 gallon 
  • Dishwasher - 6 to 16 gallons depends on your dishwashers. Older model used 16 gallons per cycle wash. 
  • Dishwashing by hands - 8 to 27 gallons depends on how efficient you are and the kind of faucets you use. 
  • Clothes washer - 25 gallons per load for newer models. 40 gallons for older ones.
  • Toilet flush - average 3 gallons per flush. Most new ones use 1.6 per flush compare to 4 gallons for older toilets. 
  • Glasses of water you drank - recommended half a gallon per day, not counting your pets and water use for cooking. 
  • Outdoor watering - 2 gallons per minute. 
Do you agree with this list? If not, how much water do you think you use at home on a daily basis? Make your own list and compare it with your circle of friends! 

A visual image of how much water an average American use at home per day