How much water do we waste per day?

How much does a human individual waste water per day? A leaky water faucet will lose a little bit more than 10 gallons of water. We human use an alarming amount of water, for watering our yard, taking long showers, doing chores like dishes, and flushing toilet also including drinking water! It has been research has proven from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) water leaking may cause to waste over 10,000 water per year! The way to fix this problem is the easiest problem less use of water  a reduction.
For example, drinkable water is used to wash down for toilet water. Reducing the water use from 3 gallons per day to less uses, that 3 gallons of water is being used just to flush down a toilet. Replacement of older toilets for new and improved toilets, that being said newer toilets use about 1 gallon of water improving from 3 gallons. This is just one example, if we take into account, hand/face washing, teeth brushing, laundry taking into examples.