We Can Save Up To 60% Water!

Water conservation plays an imperative role in developing and rural countries. Learning to save water in our homes would not only lower those water bills, but it will preserve our environment and improve our understanding of the importance of conservation worldwide.

Hygiene is essential in maintaining one’s cleanliness and health; but are we using more water than we should use? All of us had those days where we just need the 30 minutes to one hour soak in the bath. Looking back, maybe using that bath wasn’t worth the bath bombs, bubble bar or the absurd 50 gallons of water. On average, a full bathtub would take about 36 gallons of water. Should you stop taking baths?

Not exactly. Industrial and product designers, Seung Hyung Lee, Il Woong Jwa, Bom Yi Lee and Jiwon Moon took bathtubs to a whole new dimension. To conserve water, the designers came up with an innovative way to allow varying levels of bathing and to eliminate the struggles that tall people have with bath sizes. In their Multifunctional Bathtub, it has a unique convex shape that allows the individual to sit comfortably. The tub also tilts backwards at three angles to adjust to the individual’s bathing desire.

If you want just a foot bath, the first angle will conserve 60% of water. By tilting back at another angle, it enables a full body bath that will save 40% of water!  Then at its last angle, it will cover the individual’s upper half, which will save 20% of water. The curved insides ensure comfort during the adjusting period.

Even if this is just a concept design, the idea shows that we can save water in new and creative ways! Despite not being able to actually use this kind of bathtub, we can observe how other countries conserve water, such as Japan.

Unlike the American culture, Japanese families are used to taking daily baths. Baths take up a lot of water as previously mentioned, therefore families would usually take turns utilizing the same bath water. To keep the bath clean, family members would usually rinse and clean themselves with a small shower or wash basin. Some bathrooms would come with panels that can be placed on top of the bathtub to maintain the heat in the water for the next person’s use. 

Want to help out more ways to conserve water?

Take 5-10 minute showers
Every minute you save during showering will conserve 17 liters of water per person a day! 

Turn off the water when you brush your teeth
While this may seem obvious, we have to consider that we brush our teeth 2-3 times a day. When you wash your face, you can use a cup of water and slowly pour the amount needed to rinse!

Collect shower water with a bucket
When you’re busy shampooing your hair, you can have a bucket where the shower head will spray down. The collected water can be used later to water your plants! Or you can simply just stop the shower when you lather yourself or treating your hair. 

Learn more ways to conserve water through GreenEmpowerment here.

These suggestions are easy ways to save water while still maintaining your hygiene. Even if you cannot get that Multifunctional Tub, you can conserve water in various ways!