Obligatory You Can Make a Difference Blog Because it's True


Well folks, this school term is coming to an end and new beginnings are on the horizon.  So, in the spirit of moving forward, I wanted to make this blog post all about change.  

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Sometimes it's easy to think that the choices we make don't affect those around us, especially negatively. I think that's why it's hard sometimes to understand why the state of our environment relies so heavily on what we do or don't do to help it.

Today I'm sharing an article posted on Buzzfeed by Auri Jackson and Allison Bagg.  The article takes you on a journey through Auri's attempts to spend a month not producing ANY trash in an effort to be more green. I'll link the article here--> Buzzfeed Article

Auri changed her habits to positively affect the environment and it opened up her mind to how these habits, that she never thought much of beforehand, really do have an impact.  While I don't expect anyone who reads this to stop making all trash and live off the land, it would be cool if we could make tiny changes that aren't quite as taxing. For instance, like the article references, using reusable water bottles more often.

I want to reiterate to everyone that ANYONE can make a difference and it DOES mean something. So, make a change, big or small, to put our natural habitat first.  I know that's what I'll be doing as I wrap up this month and move into April.

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