How Eco- Friendly Are You Really?

Have you ever heard the phrase, “actions speak louder than words”?

My parents have been discussing this concept with me for years and you know what? I think it’s so true!  You can talk about doing something all you want, but it becomes a reality when you take action. This goes the other way too; if you never make changes, your words don’t carry nearly as much meaning.

So, after spending my current college term telling everyone I could about how important it is to be "green", I decided to search for a quiz that would test whether I was more of a “talker” or a “do-er” when it comes to being eco-friendly myself.

Eventually I did find a quirky twenty-five question test that measured my “green-ness”.  While it wasn’t the most scientifically accurate way to do so, it did give me a rough idea.  My results explained that while my actions weren’t always the worst for the environment, there was an abundance of things I could still change to enhance my level of eco-friendliness.  

One thing I plan to change from my previous weekly routine after taking this quiz is: Going out of my way to purchase more local foods from Farmer’s Markets.  

That being said, a little self reflection never hurts, here’s the link to the quiz I took.

I challenge you to take it and find out where you’re measuring up on the talk/action eco-friendly scale.  Maybe it will give you some unforeseen insight.  As humans we are always a work in progress, use this opportunity to notice your faults and improve upon your “green” qualities!