Clean Cooking (and how Green Empowerment is making a difference)

Approximately half of the world’s population uses biomass fuels to cook. What exactly are these, though? Biomass fuels are fuels sourced from organic content such as animal waste and animal matter, wood, and charcoal. (1)

Why should we care?

Although these processes sound natural, they have many negative impacts on humans and the environment. These negative impacts include hazardous smoke and pollutants, depletion of natural resources, and increased greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, many women and children in rural areas of impoverished countries spend a lot of time gathering firewood. (2)

Because it is the most affordable and available source of energy for many people, biomass fuels are used by many people in poverty. In fact, they account for approximately 90% of the national energy within many of the least developed countries. (2)

However, there is hope! Green empowerment seeks to help provide countries in need with improved cook stoves. Improved cook stoves reduce air pollution, fuel consumption, and pollution, and also save time spent on firewood collection. (1)

Green Empowerment also offers alternative energy sources such as biogas digester tanks. (1) With this method, bacteria convert organic waste into methane gas through the process of anaerobic digestion. (3)

With the help of good-natured organizations such as Green Empowerment, people living in rural areas of impoverished nations now have more access to sustainable than ever before!