7 Easy Ways To Go Green in College

Being in college, you are bogged down by the stress of school and daily responsibilities. However you can make small changes that help the planet without much effort or money.

1.  Take Electronic Notes-With the world being so digitally focused, so can your studies. Try saving paper (and money) by taking your notes electronically instead of purchasing notebooks and flashcards.

2. Start Using Reusable Bags- Everybody goes grocery shopping, and if you think about it, that is a lot of paper and plastic bags being accumulated and wasted. Reusable bags are under $2 and will help the environment in the long run.

3. Stop Using Bottled Water- Buy a reusable water bottle, or even they are too expensive, reuse old water bottles. Landfills are a filled with over 2 million tons of water bottles! That is very sad. So please, save yourself some money, whilst saving the world along with it.

4. Get Paperless Mail- Junk mail is an annoyance to both you and the environment. Hundreds of pieces of paper from junk mail are being tossed out everyday. Opting out online can save resources! Also, opt into paperless billings for all your bills. With everything being digital now a days, there is no reason to get wasted paper sent to you.

5. Get Rid of Aerosol Sprays- Not many people know this, but aerosol sprays contain many gases that lead to global warming. With thousands of different products in the world, it is not hard finding a pump spray alternative.

6. Walk/Bike More- Not only does it help with a healthier lifestyle, cutting down on driving can help save you gas money and the environment!

7. Recycle- Recycling should be a no-brainer by now. When you can, recycle. By sorting paper, plastic, or up-cycling old things, you can save a lot of trash from reaching landfills.

These are just a few tips that can be easily implemented into your life, and will save you money. By going green, you are saving green!