Healthy and Affordable Food

 The cost of feeding a family can add up, especially if you want to provide them with a healthy diet.  For this reason, among numerous others, many people are opting to become urban farmers.  The cost of growing a garden is much less than the cost of buying produce.  The cost of raising chickens, especially when considering that part of their diet can consist of scraps, is less than buying eggs.  The cost of raising meat rabbits is less than buying meat. 

On top of that, he byproducts of these resources can also contribute to nourish the others.  For example, garden scraps are delicious to chickens and rabbits.  Alternately rabbit and chicken waste are both natural fertilizers for your garden.  For more information on how to effectively start a hobby farm, see, among many other websites and books.  When you do start your own operation, be sure to treat your animals graciously and humanely.  They are, after all, our partners in this world.

Besides providing delicious food at a low cost, tending to an urban farm fosters an understanding of the natural world and where our food comes from.  This connection between nature and us is wonderful for both children and adults. And it's so much fun!

If you do not have the time or resources to start your own small farm or garden, you may consider joining a community garden.  To find a community garden anywhere (unfortunately only in the US) see  If there is no community garden near you and you would like to start one, try the resources page on the same site.

The benefits of growing and raising your own food far outweigh the costs.  It encourages a healthy understanding of consumption, provides wholesome nutrients for our bodies and minds and cuts our personal costs tremendously.  Do consider valuing, growing and raising your own food and encouraging a community that does the same.

Happy eating!