Fixing the Plastic Epidemic

All over the world, plastic is filing up landfills, bodies of water and streets. People and companies around the world are slowly trying to implement new ways and products to decrease the plastic epidemic. One of these companies is called, Avani.

Avani is a social enterprise based out of Bali, Indonesia. You may be thinking that Bali is known to be one of the most beautiful places in the world, however this is a common misconception. The truth is that more and more beaches are starting to get saturated with garbage, and majority of that garbage is plastic.

In efforts to try and clean up Bali, Avani has been making products that are 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable. Products ranging from coffee cups, wooden cutlery, take out boxes, paper straws and eco bags (function exactly like plastic bags).

One of the most remarkable products is the eco bags. These bags preform exactly like plastic bags, but are made from cassave root and natural resins, making them 100% compostable unlike other biodegradable bags. Most alternatives say they are biodegradable, but still have components in them that can't fully break down. However, Avani's eco bags can actually completely disintegrate in hot water, and then the water can be drunk. The bags are also safe for animal consumption.

If every store around the world made the effort to buy these bags, the world would see such a decrease in single-use plastic bags lying around. This is such a small and easy step to fixing the plastic epidemic, and people just need to be aware that product like this exist.

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