Eco-Friendly Sanitation in Asia - Incinolet Toilets

Can you image what it would be like to live in an area without basic plumbing necessities? How would you feel about using the restroom in front of a complete stranger?
According to an article found on Deutsche Welle (DW),"Over 1.7 billion people lack access to improved sanitation in Asia and the Pacific and millions defecate in the open." The lack of toilets in these areas have many negative implications on the health and well being of their citizens. While toilets would improve the overall living conditions for people living in these areas; regretfully, they would not solve all of their sanitation problems.
Simply investing in toilets in these areas would not be enough to ameliorate the problem. Without having a proper system in place to deal with the waste that would be flushed into their soil, the health risks would persist. Without treating the sewage, waterborne diseases would continue to contribute to the overall mortality rate.

Not to fret--there is a possible solution!

Have you ever heard of Incinolet Toilets? No? Great! Let me tell you a little bit about their wonder. Incinolet Toilets are toilets that incinerate waste with electric heat. It has a paper lining that drops into the incinerator where all of the waste is turned into ash. Periodically, this ash can be dumped into the garbage instead of being placed into the ground and drinking water. The Incinolet toilet is an amazing alternative to traditional toilets because it uses no water, which doesn't require drainage; it doesn't use chemicals or gas. It would, without a doubt, fix the sanitation problem experienced in Asia and the Pacific.The best part of all is that it is an eco-friendly solution. Not only would the use of this toilet help those living in areas with major sanitation problems,but it would also benefit those living anywhere in the world because of its eco-friendly assets.