Locally Grown

After doing some research on ways that we can reduce our carbon footprint, the one that stood out to me was eating environmentally friendly. We live in a great area where so many are environmentally conscious and are very into farm to table and dining locally. When going to the store, I have been tempted to get food that is not necessarily in season because of the convenience of it being in the store.  By purchasing foods that are in season and are locally grown we can reduce the emissions that we use to transport ourselves to the store to get those out of season foods.

 Some other steps to eating environmentally friendly are:

  • Eating it raw- Instead of boiling vegetables eat them raw to save the energy it would take to use the appliances to cook them.
  • Grow your own- Join a community garden or start your own in your backyard. 
  • Re-use leftovers- Instead of throwing leftovers away, make a new meal out of it. Besides reducing waste it will also save energy that you would have used to cook a whole new meal.
  • Double your recipes- The leftovers will last twice as long and you will save energy from cooking other unnecessary meals. 

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