Most of you have heard of composting and have a pretty good idea on what it is, but you may not be ready yet to start your own compost pile or bin at home.

Composting is easier to do than you think and it is a great way to add to being more eco friendly and sustainable.

How to start:
Build a crate out of lumber to hold the compost materials - you could use a plastic bin too, if you don't know how to build one or if you don't have the time

Gather the materials needed - 
you'll need an activator like grass clippings, weeds, or manure 
limes to help eliminate odors
dried leaves or straw(also for odor)
proper drainage system to prevent a soggy pile

What can you put in the compost bin?

There are many things that can go into your compost bin here some examples

paper products including napkins
freezer burned fruits and vegetables
potato peels
stale bread
coffee grounds
watermelon rinds
dairy products like yogurt

and many other items can go in like pet hair or toe nail clippings

what shouldn't you put in?

diseased plants
magazines/catalogs/other heavily glossy and printed paper
feminine hygiene products
things with blood on them

So why should you compost?

For one, it eliminates waste!
It's a safe way to rid of materials without use of chemicals
Makes great soil/fertilizer for plants
Saves you money on garbage removal