Upcycling Crafts

What better way to lessen your ecological footprint than to reuse items that you were going to throw in the trash? Keep that milk carton and turn it into a reusable lunch box! Not only do these craft projects reduce the amount of garbage we produce, they provide cheap entertainment by utilizing items that you have already gotten some use out of.

Pinterest is a great way to come up with ideas on how to upcycle your old clothes, furniture, bottles, etc. These boards are devoted purely to D.I.Y. Upcycling projects. There's something there for everyone to enjoy!
Find this project at Grillo Designs

Upcycled Furniture by Dinah Wulf - This Pinner has accumulated a board full of ways to reuse and refashion old furniture.

Upcycled Clothing by Sea Trace Creations - Before tossing your old clothes, check out this board for fun ideas to refashion your clothing items or create something entirely new.

Upcycling Crafts by Happy Mothering - Have some kiddos to entertain? Here is a board full of crafts that use up items from old pudding containers to wine corks!