Trying to go green? Use your phone!

With all this talk of climate change, polluted waters, and whatnot, many people are trying to find ways to save energy, leave a smaller carbon footprint, and possibly save some money along the way. Some may find this harder than others and need some help getting started. Here’s where that hunk of metal you carry around in your pocket all the time comes in handy – there really is an app for everything, even going green!

This article from Huffington post gives you their top five apps for helping you be sustainable and save money at the same time.

JouleBug, Rippl, and HowGood are interactive, allowing you to set your own goals, reminders, lists, etc. HowGood is especially helpful at the grocery store, even rating products on how healthy they are.

iRecycle is more informative, making it easy for you to click a button and get all the information you need to recycle items that need a little more knowledge than common sense, such as paint cans, batteries, and cars.

PaperKarma may be the best one of all. As someone who receives more junk mail than not, this app allows you to take a picture of the junk, and the app will contact the company and take your name off their list. Yay for saving trees!

If these aren’t enough for you, GreenBiz has a list of 20 apps that made a difference in 2013, you can find that here.

Changing your habits does not come easy – but you have gotten in the habit of checking your phone multiple times a day. Take a baby step and download an app, and start making a difference!