Too much Holiday food? Feed those in need!

Green Holiday Ideas

Leftovers are always abundant during the Holiday season. Whether you are hosting a big dinner for friends and family, or attending one, most likely you'll end up with extra food that you might not be able to finish.

Although leftovers can be a personal favorite treat, if you are finding yourself overwhelmed with extra, there are plenty of places to spread of holiday love for families in your local community so they can also have hearty meals.

You'll simultaneously reduce the potential waste that can be abundant for many.

If you aren't convinced to do something about the leftover waste consider these facts from Sustainable America:

From farm to store to home, that's a lot of fuel and money!

Our landfills are already almost filled too

Don't just throw away what you don't want, donate, donate, donate!

Natural gas is a nice alternative, however,
 if we reduce our waste production we can make a big difference!

It doesn't seem that way when your full, but it's true!

So now that we know what is happening to our environment when we waste food, what can we do?

Donate Your Leftovers

Below are links to organizations that are dedicated to helping connect your leftovers to those in need!: is dedicated to connecting you with your state's local food pantries. This is wonderful for those leftover ingredients you never used for those delicious recipients. 

Feeding America will connect you to local food banks as well as information that will guide you for how to donate your leftovers in a productive, less wasteful way. This webpage also provides information for where to volunteer if you want to go beyond donation :)

Have a safe, fun, and Green  Holiday season!