Tips for a Eco Friendly Holiday

With the holiday seasons here, we all need to be aware of how stay sustainable and Eco friendly to add some green to our traditions.
Green Gift Wrap
If you are giving a gift to a loved one a gift, consider using fabric for your gift wrapping. Below is a link that provides give great ideas for using fabric for gift wrap instead of wasteful wrapping paper that just ends up in the waste.

The holidays also give us the opportunity to craft, and show our loved ones what they mean to us. Making your own gift wrap not only helps the environment, but gives a unique personalized touch to each one of your gifts

 How to make Fabric Gift Wrap

Reusable gift wrap could save wood-pulp from softwood tree farms (what most gift wrap is made out of)
             $$    Alternative methods of gift wrapping can prevent spending on    $$
        • Farming 
        • Cutting and transporting the wood
        • Large amounts of water and energy to make the paper
        • Unsafe bleach and synthetic dyes
        • Packaging and 
        • Shipping!

Gift wrap is essential to providing a memorable experience, and to make sure that you are doing your best for out Earth will make it even more memorable.

More Green Gift Wrapping Ideas: 

Gift wrap can be very wasteful and can cost not only you but the environment. However, not all of us have a lot of time to make such beautifully crafted fabric wrap as listed above.

Don't worry though, you could also use other sources of wrapping paper if you need an alternative to fabric gift wrap such as: 

Old Tee Shirts-
 This adds an additional gift to your green holiday

Not only fashionable, but can be personable to a loved one far away

This is plentiful and fun to accessorize

Have a fun, safe and green gift wrapped holiday!