The Benefits of Buying Bulk

The Benefits of Buying Bulk

Buying in bulk drastically helps to reduce your carbon footprint. Bulk items help to cut down on paper and plastic packaging that often ends up in landfills around the world. By choosing to buy less pre-packaged items, there is more freedom to customize amounts of goods so you do not end up overbuying food that you will not use. Buying in bulk from your grocery store is not only beneficial for the environment, but it also saves you tons of money. 

Less Transportation Needs

Items in the bulk section typically do not need as much overall transportation in order to be delivered to the final customer. Packaged food require not only its individual packaging, but additional packaging to be transported on the truck, such as cardboard boxes, tape, pallets, and plastic wrap. For bulk items, this additional packaging is often not needed, and more items can be packed into the vehicle transporting them because there is not as much packaging taking up extra room. 

Minimize Food Waste

When you buy in bulk you can select custom amounts of ingredients needed, therefore many people can choose to get only as much as they need. This reduces the amount of food waste that often happens when there is only one size available of an item needed.

Less Paper and Plastic Waste

Buying food with less packaging helps to cut down on waste. According to a study by Portland State University, we could save up to 26 million pounds of packaging from going to the landfill in one month alone, just by making the switch and buying bulk items.

Save Money 

In addition to the environmental benefits, it is up to 89% cheaper than buying packaged products.