Sustainable Grocery Shopping

It can be difficult to go to your local grocery store and still live a sustainable lifestyle. There are ways to be successfully sustainable while you grocery shop! Here are a few suggestions:

1. Reusable Grocery Bags. They are a great way to keep from wasting resources by using plastic bags, but we all forget to bring them with us to the store! An easy way to remember is to leave them in the trunk of your car. reisenthel has created a line of reusable shopping bags that foldaway for compact storage. Some stores, like New Seasons, even offer a few cents off of your bill for every reusable bag you use on your trip.

reisenthel bags are available online at Amazon

2. Minimal Packaging. Try to find products that use very little packaging. Even though that box of "snackpack" chips seems like an easy option, all of that extra packaging is actually more harmful than helpful. Packaging that is recyclable, such as glass jars, is also a better option.

3. Local Farmers Markets. Not only are you getting great products, but you are cutting down on all of the transportation required to put the food on your table. Products don't need to be shipped from a farm to a packaging center then on to the grocery store, they make to your home much faster. Not to mention that you are helping to support local farmers!

4. There's an App for ThatEcowatch has compiled a list of 6 apps that help you to identify non-GMO foods, they list the nutrition information for different foods, as well as an app that tells you how humane certain companies are.