Staying Warm Without Using Excessive Energy

Saving energy doesn't mean having to freeze this winter!
You can save money and energy and still stay warm if you follow these tips:

1. Check your windows- make sure there are no cracks and that they stay locked. Seal any cracks and fix jammed or broken locks to keep the cold air outside.
(Check for other cracks around the exterior of the house as well and seal them up!)

2. Make use of curtains and blinds- use curtains to keep the cold air out. Open up the curtains when its sunny and let the sun naturally bring in some heat!

3. Layers and blankets- wear layers to stay warm, put on a comfortable, movable sweatshirt or zip up jacket, wear warm socks and utilize blankets when you are studying or watching tv

4. Get warm on the inside. Eat and drink foods that will give you heat. Have soup, drink tea or coffee, eat enough protein and nutritious foods that add heat to your body.

5. Move around- move around, do some light exercise to get your heart rate up and break a sweat.

6. Tend to your furnace and water tank- tune the furnace and insulate your water tank to keep temperatures at bay

7. Insulation- make sure the house, especially storage closets and attics are well insulated

You can still run your heater or fire place for a bit, but try these energy saving methods first before going crazy with the heater!