Some more Upcycled artists.

Hello, World! I wanted to take some time to showcase a few more artists that focus on using upcycled and recycled materials.

Firstly, we have the Dutch artist Enno De Kroon, who uses what he calls "eggcubism" to recycle old egg cartons an use them as canvas.

Photo of Kroon's Piece 'Celebration'

Oral Tradition, By Kroon.

More of Kroon's work, as well as more general information about him can be found on his website;

Next, Ptolemy Elrington is an English artist who focuses on making sculptures of animals from hubcaps, and other forms of scrap metal.

Falcon, by Ptolemy Elrington.


As with Kroon above, more information can be found at Elrington's offical website;

- C.B.