Reducing carbon footprint while dining out.

When trying to be more Green, and reduce one's own Carbon Footprint, one of the many things people consider, as covered earlier in this blog, is buying food locally grown whenever possible. One thing that is often less considered however is dining at restaurants that do the same.

Portland is a great city to do this in, as many of the restaurants are partnered with local farms to make sure that there food is as fresh, high quality, and local as possible. Such as the Irving Street Kitchen in the pearl district, which not only uses local food whenever possible, but also recycles their fry oil as bio-diesel.

For those not living in portland; or during travels. There are a few simple ways to find restaurants that use local ingredients like which has a database of over 25,000 restaurants, farms and even supermarkets that use local and sustainable food, and has their own selection of restaurants that can be found by searching for "farm to table" restaurants

- C.B..