Recycle Batteries Properly

In our daily life, we use batteries everywhere—smoky alarm, TV controller, calculator, wireless mouse and etc. After batteries “dead”, what should we do for them? Throw them away as other trash? No, it will pollute our environment. No idea what to do and just keep them in your house? Uh…we should figure out how to recycle those batteries.

 Choice:  Stop using single-use batteries.
In the market, we have all different kinds of batteries that we could choose. Before you turn those single-use batteries into trash, how about choose the rechargeable batteries? It could reduce the amount of batteries that you use.

 Prepare before Recycling
Do you know you should tape dead batteries before you recycle them? If not, you should—it can reduce the risk of short circuit.
Button cell batteries
You need to tape both of positive and negative terminals. You just need to put one piece of masking tape around the cell battery. If you have several cell batteries need to be taped, you should tape them all together—use two piece of masking tape; place all button batteries with the positive terminals against the tape; then place the other piece of tape against the negative terminals.
All other types batteries
No matter it is AA, AAA, 9V and etc. You just need to tape the positive terminals with masking tape.

Before you send dead batteries to recycle, you should storage them in a dry and cool environment, prevent them from sunshine. Use non-conductive storage to storage them, such as plastic and cardboard container.

There are many organizations that help batteries recycling. You can look up a nearby one by looking at yelp and google map. Choose one and send dead batteries to them.
If you have rechargeable batteries need to send for recycling, you can send it to a Best Buy store.