Make Your Own Mulch

Fall season has been here for awhile now but maybe your trees haven't dropped all their leaves or you haven't raked the leaves in the yard yet.  Before you do maybe you can use your leaves for your own yard.  When we rake the leaves and other yard debris and send it to recycling it gets reused to make mulch and is sold into stores.  But you can use it for yourself and it's FREE.  Just rake up your yard debris into nice piles and place it around or bury it in your other plants.
If you don't have any plants that need mulching now you can always stow away your yard debris in a container until you're ready to use it.  My family usually stores our debris in containers or in the garden box with a tarp tied over it to hold it down and by the time we're ready to plant again most of the mulch has already decomposed and fertilized the garden boxes so that it's already for spring.