Tips For A Green Christmas

Tips For A Green Christmas

Tomorrow's Thanksgiving but even so it seems like the whole world is ready for Christmas.  You've got to put up your lights, pick a tree and wrap presents it can get pretty stressful even for the earth. To help you get ready for the most wonderful time of the year here are some "green tips" that will help you achieve a more Eco-friendly Christmas.

Christmas Lights
  • Use LED lights
Not only are these more friendly for the earth they're also more friendly for your wallet.  While they might be smaller in size, LED lights use up at least 95% less energy than other Christmas lights which means you can save money on electricity.  Also if one light goes out it does not affect the entire strand so no more checking each individual bulb.

Christmas Trees
  • Use a live potted tree.  
Yes the plastic lite up trees can last a while but once the lights go out it's hard to fix it and I've seen so many people just throw it away.  With a live tree you can still keep it once Christmas is done by burying it in your yard.  No room in your yard? See if a friend or a neighbor is willing to hold onto it for you.

Christmas Presents
  • Re-gifting is an option
There's always a gift that may not be exactly what you want but before you return it and exchange it for something else maybe there's someone else who could use it.  Salvation Army is always a wonderful place to donate and they're always looking for donations even before Christmas so if you can, donate.

These are just some of the green holiday tips available, have anymore? Write below.