Changing your clothes buying habits

Why do you keep buying clothes that you do not need? Do you just want something trendy? Do you think you need more colors in your closet? Or you just love buying new clothes? To produce a piece new clothing need to consume lots of energy, water and labor. At the same time, if you have too many clothes you will need to spend lots of time to organize and you need space to storage them. Have you get tried of it? Change your buying habits and have a more sustainable life style.

Before you go for some new clothing, check your closet first.
If you find a new dress in the mall that you really like, don’t buy it immediately. Back home and check your closet to see if you already have one with similar style. And take a moment to think about if you will wear this new dress very often. Buy things you will wear and love.

Instead of new clothing, you can rent and buy used items.
You are invited to a friend’s wedding, what is the most important thing to prepare? Some people may answer, “a nice dress”. Do we really need to buy a dress of occasional event? I think most of people will not wear the same dress to other’ wedding. It is a one-time use dress. For those event, we can rent some nice clothing instead of buying new and expensive one.

Rental Services

They have a variety of brands and sizes. You can rent items from four days to eight days, it is   good for occasional event.

It is rental services for accessories. You can keep your item as long as you want, but you need  to pay the monthly rental. It is expensive, but it is good if you want something nice for an event.

Second hand Store

Goodwill is everywhere. Go to a nearby Goodwill to find something “new” for your closet. At         the same time, you can donate the clothes that you don’t want to them.


It is a website (also an app) that you can sell and buy used items. Create an account, search items that you want, and buy it. And it is also very to sell your used items on it, just take a photo and add some description, and then you done. Poshmark will take care of the transaction, don’t worry too much about it. When your customer gets your package, Poshmark will release a check to you.

If you decide to buy brand new clothing, maybe you should consider to choose brands that produce clothes with sustainable processes.


This brand has a strong relation between their factory owners, to ensure the whole produce process is ethical. At the same time, this brand is radical transparency. On their site you can find the true price of the product—the cost that they made the product, not the price that you pay.

Krochet Kids Intl.

This brand is affordable and on-trend. Their artisans are located in Uganda and Peru. They ensure to pay their artisans with fair wage, at the same time, they provide education mentoring programs.