BYOB Bring Your Own Bag

By PSU EcoMerge Capstone - 8:50 PM

BYOB Bring Your Own Bag

It's the Holiday season again and for most people that means there's a lot of shopping to do! Whether it's for Christmas, Hanukkah or just another day to you you and the earth can always benefit from brining your own shopping bags to the store.  Some stores like Target will even give you a discount for using your own bags

The earth will benefit from you using your own bags too.   Plastic bags aren't curbside recycled like cardboard and paper product.  You have to drive to the recycling center to get rid of the plastic properly for some people it's too much work to drive over there or take the bus so it's just easier to just throw it away in the garbage or even let it fly away in the wind when it falls out of your car.  
Paper bags while better than plastic aren't as good for the environment either or ourselves.  According to some studies paper bags emit toxin that is harmful to us and the earth making us sick and causing global warming.  The best thing you can do is use a cotton bag not only is it safer for you it can also be used over and over and doesn't rip like a paper or plastic bag.  What if you don't have a cotton bag?  No worries, stores will sell them to you at the register for less than a dollar!  So next time you go shopping remember that cotton bags are the better way to go.

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